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Hello and welcome to the first EVER Movers–n-Shakers blog post.

My name is Adrian Kidd, I am a new member to Movers-n-Shakers. I showed my interest in becoming a member of Movers-n-Shakers in January and since then I have spiralled into full involvement with taking a part in many upcoming murder mysteries, helping out for the big show in October and I have even found myself writing this blog. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience this theatre company has shown me so far and I wish to share it with you.

So, to my blog and how it will work... This blog will be about all the happenings of movers and shakers noting how the theatre company rolls, from what happens in a pre-meeting to stating the real drama of acting a live show

... BUT ... To make this blog different to any other ...

These real life events will be twisted within a narrative involving a fictitious murder mystery -after all it is what Movers-n-Shakers specialises in. The blog entries will be a bit of fiction and fact (a term I am coining 'fict') running alongside each other. Characters will be VERY loosely based on real players. There will be 12 instalments -one for each month - where each blog will not only show you what interesting things have happened within Movers-n-Shakers for that month, it will also add something extra in the murder mystery to help solve the deadly crime.

How good are your sleuthing skills? Be sure to read each months blog post to get the full Movers-n-Shakers story and don't get confused about what really happens and what is creative licensing. Enjoy.

Oh, and if you can work out the murder mystery as the year goes on, then do email us your answers and you could win free tickets to our first murder mystery in 2018.
Happy detecting...